Welcome to Approve Via Email app for Joget Workflow.

This is a demonstration app to illustrate the ability of Joget Workflow process (let's call it 'Process A') to poll an email address, extract certain information from the approver's email reply, and using this information, update and complete the process activity (call 'Process B').

This app has two example workflow processes:

  1. Process A is the Listener Process. Start the Listener process by configuring the IMAP parameters and Listener settings such as checking internal, maximum emails to poll and subject filtering, etc. Do remember to stop (terminate) the Listener process on completion of the testing.
  2. Process B is the process to test the Listener process by sending an email to the designated email server, so that the approver human can approve or reject by replying his email. The Listener process will then pick up the email reply and update the Process B activity.

Important Notes

  1. For this test, you will need to use two email addresses:
    • Email of the approver, example "approver@mycompany.com", and
    • Destination email address after approver replied email notification, example "polling@mycompany.com". This should be the same email address as set up in Listener IMAP configuration.

  2. Ensure that the designated approver has a valid user account and email address in "Joget Setup Users".
  3. Ensure that the approver's email address is in the same domain as the SMTP host configuration. For example, if the recipient email address is matthew@mycompany.com, do set up the SMTP host as smtp.mycompany.com in Listener form.
  4. After starting Process B, open the email in your email system and reply with the words "Approved" or "Rejected" on the first line of the email. Wait for the Approve Via Email App workflow process to poll and check the email. If successful, the Approve Via Email App workflow process will update the approval status in the form and complete the 'Pending Approval' activity.
  5. Process B has been designed to resend the request for approval email if the returned status is not 'Approved' and not 'Rejected'.

You can read more of the above at Joget Knowledge Base.